The NAKED TRUTH about COFFEE - Part 1

Mateja Tea Dereani

The NAKED TRUTH about COFFEE - Part 1

I used to drink a lot of coffee. I was unquestionably convinced that I could not live without it, because it wakes me up in the morning and helps me to read and study late into the night. I drank it in such quantities that my stomach told me: Enough. Then I drank "only" 1 cup of coffee a day- because one cup does no harm and is quickly eliminated from the body. It was completely wrong thinking.

Research has been conducted at Columbia University on the effects of caffeine and other substances in coffee on the human body, psyche and emotions. They came to two important conclusions.
1. The harmful dose of caffeine is 20 mg or more. One small cup of coffee contains 80 to 120 g of caffeine. This means that we should not drink more than one-fifth of a cup of coffee to ingest a dose that is not harmful to our body.
2. Our body needs 72 hours to eliminate the caffeine that we consume with one cup of coffee. So if we connect both conclusions of the research, we see that the harmless dose of coffee is: 20 mg every third day. Are you already panicking?

Coffee is a drug. Caffeine is a compound that enters the brain within seconds of ingestion. In the brain, opiate hormones secret under the influence of beta-endorphins. In addition, caffeine also causes a rise in the stress hormone. Rhetorical question: “Who needs even more stress these days? »

Coffee strongly acidifies the body. It causes the body to extract the mineral calcium from the bones because it wants to alkalize and bring the body back to the optimal Ph balance - homeostasis. Consequently, prolonged drinking of coffee contributes to osteoporosis.

Coffee greatly disturbs the heart rhythm. After one cup of coffee, the heart completely loses its steady rhythm for another further three hours. Alternative medicine believes that coffee increases the risk of a heart attack.

Another disturbing fact: coffee is roasted at about 300 degrees. The oils in the coffee boil, the carbon bonds break down and a huge amount of carcinogenic compounds is formed.

If we want to stop drinking coffee, we will feel a withdrawal syndrome after 12 to 24 hours, which manifests itself differently in different people. It can be a headache, a sudden drop in energy, an inability to concentrate. These are just good signs that our body is weaning itself off coffee and getting back on its feet. Let me reassure you. These symptoms last for 2 to 4 days. During this time, eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, do some sport or take a walk. It would also be great if you add some dietary supplements to your meals.

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