The crazy benefits of fasting!

Mateja Tea Dereani

The crazy benefits of fasting!

I’ve been fasting for many years. I do not even remember how many times I've fasted. I probably started in my twenties and from now on I do it every year once or twice.

My fasting depends on the weather – I do not like to do it in cold weather, because I am sensitive to cold, more than usual. Let me explain. Certain foods warm you up. Remember hot summer days when you’ve just eaten your lunch and you feel hot, or you even couldn't finish your lunch because it was too hot. Certain food has a cooling effect on your body – mostly fruits and fresh vegetables. When you fast you do not eat. You drink water (and juices). The only thing that warms you up, is hot tea.

Every year I start to fast when I feel the time is right. It is not a decision of my mind, it is a decision of my body. I am aware that fasting is cleansing, not only physical but also mental, emotional, spiritual….

So, this year I started to fast intuitively. I was speaking about starting to fast a month before I've really started. Why it took me so much time? Because I did not feel to.

Then I came in touch with a smoking person for a couple of hours. We were having coffee outside, I had my grain coffee the others the regular coffee. After that, I felt bad. I felt that I needed to cleanse myself. So this was my starting  impulse this year.

For me, the start is always the hard part of it. After the first day, I am super excited and after the third day, you can speak with me about the food all you want, and I have no craving for physical food. I can smell the food, cook for my husband and it has absolutely no effect on me.

Have you ever fasted? How many days? How did you feel? Would you like to do it and you are afraid? Don't be! Fasting is super easy, with a little help!

Contact us, and will help you start!