Read how our programs and services  changed some of our clients lives.
I decided to do a Herbivorium Dereaniprogram with Mateja and learned a lot about the diet that is suitable for me. Incredibly I balanced my body with natural methods! This was one of the best decisions so far, a very good investment in my health. I am completely satisfied with the results, as my health problems have disappeared, and I have also managed to raise my energy level, thus contributing to my wellbeing. I never thought that, given my considerable health problems, I would ever succeed. Praise for the super program and the excellent leadership. It was a pleasure to work with her.
Nina J., Ljubljana
I have known Mateja for some time, I went to her workshops, then I decided on a 21-day individual body cleanse. Although I didn’t have any physical problems, I had wanted this for a while, but I never had the time and of course, I didn’t know exactly how. Despite the busy schedule, I went smoothly through all 21 days - the program is very well done, Mateja is an excellent mentor with a lot of knowledge, so it was not difficult for me. My body reset on all levels. I feel full of energy, and extremely mentally and emotionally stable.
Mateja T., owner of Matas poslovni inženiring d.o.o.
I decided to do a Herbivorium Dereani program under Mateja's guidence. The program is very grounded and tailored to each individual. Through the personal approach, I have made changes much easier. Mateja focuses only on you, thinks about what would be best for you. She speaks from her many years of experience and solid foundation, and she stands100 % behind her words.
Nina S., Ljubljana
"Dear Mateja, I wish to thank you for your advice and assistance. My general condition and health have improved considerably. In addition, my basicity has returned to normal (I was tested this Thursday). Now I eat regularly and better. I follow the rules of correct combination of food and time of meals. I also regularly take supplements, which has healed my headaches as well. I already feel closer to cooking, although it will still require some effort from me…".
Barbara, Maribor
Athletic Club Krim organizes various sports and recreational activities. The Club members engage in different training activities (jogging, Pilates, yoga, sports climbing, etc.), which may all require considerable effort from the human body. Our members are aware of the importance of proper lifestyle that includes, besides physical activity, also adequate nutrition. For this reason, we searched for assistance from an expert in this area. With her professional advice and rich experiences, Mateja offered us just that. Her individual approach made it possible for our members to regenerate after each strenuous exercise by consuming all the required nutrients from natural (live) ingredients.
Athletic Club Krim, Ljubljana
As the owner of Zenja Property that offers carefully selected workshops presented by verified experts, we agreed for a series of five rich lectures and workshops, to help our audience change their diet and to adapt the lifestyle to one's personal needs. Mateja presented her curriculum in a straightforward and simple way. She is a true encyclopaedia. She gave us a complete synergy of knowledge and cleared our dilemmas. She has the ability to listen and adapt until permanent change appears. Mateja is reliable, friendly, clear and open to new ideas.
Matejči, Divača