Herbivorium Dereani - Team of Extraordinary Experts

Mateja Tea Dereani, the Founder

Full batteries, health, well-being.

These are the main things I’ve been craving in my twenties. They say that if you have something, you can appreciate it. Well, I didn't have that at the time. That’s why I know how to appreciate it all the more now.

I was tired, out of energy with a diagnosis of chronic illness and a referral for surgery. Although I come from a medical family and had access to all the services, medicine could not help me.

That’s when I knew I had to do something for myself. That I want to discover things I don’t know about yet that will help me and necessarily do something for myself. I set out on a journey of search. I read every book that suggested improving my health, attending all the trainings I thought could help me. Obtained quite a few certificates (Ayurveda, natural medicine, Heart and Soul Healing ...).

I turned quite a few stones unnecessarily, but in the end the result counts and the experience. I’ve discovered things that are really effective and get you on the right track.

I tested everything on my own skin, made quite a few mistakes, learned a lot, packed everything into a program that works!

I discovered that prevention, a good immune system, regular detoxification, and most importantly, that my batteries are constantly full are important.

Miha Berčič, co-founder

Advanced Heart & Soul healing practitioner

Miha is a unique blend of a storyteller, connector & networker, native American Indian by soul, sales ninja, motivator and intuitive healer.
The word around the block is "He gets the job done!". With high IQ, emotional quotient EQ and spiritual quotient SQ he instantly gets a spot-on insight on a person, company or business. After verification, the solution will pop up in his head, defining the path for your or your company's success or development.
Miha is a 24/7/356 dedicated learner and explorer. This puts him on the tip of the spear of cutting edge technologies, automation and smart working. Implementing and testing everything on his survival business first will save you the disappointment and money in the short or long run.

His strong connection to Nature, especially the trees, was the driving force for him to join the boy scout movement at a young age. There the bond strengthened and intertwined with high communication and exact expression demand - he developed powerful social note, volunteerism, leadership, social mediation, soft skills as well as assertive & organisational skills.