Herbivorium Dereani 

Mateja Tea Dereani, the Founder

Full batteries, health, well-being.

These are the main things I’ve been craving in my twenties. They say that if you have something, you can appreciate it. Well, I didn't have that at the time. That’s why I know how to appreciate it all the more now.

I was tired, out of energy with a diagnosis of chronic illness and a referral for surgery. Although I come from a medical family and had access to all the services, medicine could not help me.

That’s when I knew I had to do something for myself. That I want to discover things I don’t know about yet that will help me and necessarily do something for myself. I set out on a journey of search. I read every book that suggested improving my health, attending all the trainings I thought could help me. Obtained quite a few certificates (Ayurveda, natural medicine, Heart and Soul Healing ...).

I turned quite a few stones unnecessarily, but in the end the result counts and the experience. I’ve discovered things that are really effective and get you on the right track.

I tested everything on my own skin, made quite a few mistakes, learned a lot, packed everything into a program that works!

I discovered that prevention, a good immune system, regular detoxification, and most importantly, that my batteries are constantly full are important.