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Do you feel that you have been without energy, under stress for some time and cannot fully restore your vitality? If you’ve noticed such signs, it’s time for a change. Book a FREE consultation now - choose it in our services section!

Our bodies constantly emit signals that reveal the state of our emotions, the amount of stress, and identify bad habits. We have forgotten how to listen. Re-Learn how to take care of your body - your health, energy, clarity, creativity and well-being will improve significantly.

Are you ready to raise your energy level in the long run? Work less with better results? Better sleep? Being more creative? Include exercise in your daily routine? Want to enjoy your favorite sport without the hassle and pain? Feeling vital again? Regardless of your current physical well-being, anything is possible.

You need a method, a positive mindset , perseverance, and the right kind of support - and a miracle happens. In the family business Dereani.d.o.o. intertwines 55+ years of experience battle-tested natural solutions combining methods of ancient wisdom and modern science ...

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The holidays are here. This is a time when there is good food on the table when we tend to eat too much and mix very diverse foods with each other. Some have a bad conscience, some have a stomach upset, and some can eat a lot and have "no problem" - in the short term, of course.
If you are not ready for the big change here are just a few tips on what to do, when faced with the temptations the Holidays bring.
Tips 1. to 7. in the article below!

The NAKED TRUTH about COFFEE - Part 2

Coffee is a diuretic, which means that after one cup of coffee, six to seven times more water is excreted from the body. Water that the body needs. So if we drink a cup of coffee, we should drink six cups of water next to it so that we are not dehydrated. If we drink a few coffees a day, our body is constantly dehydrated. That’s why water is always served next to coffee in the restaurant.


When we start talking, women say to me: “I know that I lead a very unhealthy life, I eat a lot of unhealthy food, I eat at the wrong time, I don't move enough, but I don't know how to fit it all in my schedule. There are so many things that I need to take care of. “
It doesn't take much. We always start with small changes. Changes that don’t take too much time, but give you a lot of energy.